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   Apryle Showers Foundation is a Florida non-profit organization, 501C3 status approved as of March 2015, founded in 2015, serving individuals ages 30-55 currently undergoing treatment for cancer. We offer services that help foster nourishment, healing, restoration, and peace to people fighting for their lives. Learn more about our founder by reading Apryle's story (Apryle's Story).

   Cancer patients often spend months or years either in the hospital, a chemo chair, or in their bed at home.  Your appearance changes, your life changes, and often you can no longer do the things that once brought you joy. This can lead to depression and fear as well as loss of confidence, especially when you have no hair or are covered in scars.  If you are cancer patient with children at home, you work so hard to protect your children, it is difficult to take the time you need to process your situation and grieve for your losses.   If you do not have children or are an empty nester, then you may struggle with loneliness or feel trapped in your situation.  No matter where you find yourself in life, if you are fighting cancer, you are not alone. You are joined by so many others fighting along side you.

   Our organization's goal is to give respite to these individuals and give them a chance to find that peace, either by spending time alone or with their family, in a place of tranquility such as the beach or mountains.  We also endeavor to meet material and emotional needs by talking with each beneficiary about what they need to equip them better for their fight. If you or someone you know is in need of this kind of help and lives in the greater Jacksonville, FL area, please direct them to our Contactform. 

   Our unique model offers home owners of beach or waterfront properties that are normally rented as vacation homes to donate and receive our endorsement as well as our help marketing their property on our Facebook page, while helping people who are fighting for their lives.  We also partner with local hotels to provide restful experiences for our beneficiaries. Restaurants and spas also are able to assist in giving products or services for a carefree vacation. We utilize other local businesses to help in providing home cleaning services if needed as well. If you are interested in helping us by either donating your property for a few days, providing food or a welcome basket for our families, or giving a monetary gift, please fill out the form under the Giving tab.

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