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Apryle's Story

   Apryle Schmidt was a beautiful, vibrant woman, wife, and mother who at 37 years old, learned that she had stage 4 breast cancer. Apryle and her new husband and love of her life, Bill, had to navigate this terrible diagnosis and the devastating treatment while trying to be a normal family.  

During her treatment, Apryle was given a lovely gift, a weekend in a condo on the beach, her favorite place.  Apryle was still trying to come to grips with her new life, her change in appearance, and deal with grief over her diagnosis.  This time at the beach where she could escape for a few days and mentally and spiritually process her situation enabled her to gain confidence and peace to fight on boldly and accept herself in her new form.  

   As Apryle continued treatment, she realized that there was a need to have an organization to offer love and blessings to cancer patients who are no longer children, but have children at home.  It is very difficult to raise children and hide your own suffering in order to protect them, but not be able to grieve because of this.  Out of this, the idea for Apryle Showers was born.

   After a long period of treatment, Apryle's breast cancer had spread to her brain, spine, and bones.  She made the courageous decision to cease treatment and spend her precious time with her family and devoted to this organization's creation. We lost our Angel on Monday, August 3rd 2015.  She left behind her beloved husband, daughter, stepdaughter, family, friends and many people she inspired.